Localist Loyalty Card
Local First

The Localist Loyalty Card

Pre-register now for the Card that rewards you for thinking local first. Link it to your bank account and use it to earn rewards, support your favorite local charity, and recirculate more money locally.


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Rewarding You

Earn up to 1 point per dollar every time you use your Localist Loyalty Card at participating locations. Redeem points for valuable rewards from local merchants.

Big value! There are many great rewards deals in the marketplace, some even more useful than 1-2% cash-back or 1 mile per $1. Check them out!

Do More Good

With every swipe of your Localist Loyalty Card, participating local businesses may donate a portion of your purchase price to the charity of your choice.

Every time you use your card, more money stays local, benefiting our merchants, charities, and community as a whole.

Become a Local VIP

From the moment you activate your Localist Loyalty Card, you’ll gain exclusive access to local offers, events, and rewards from your favorite participating hometown businesses.